A story of injustice

The times are dark and dire in the village of Salametsä, in the world of Aesti. An evil witch, they say, is causing all the recent misfortunes. To please both the harsh gods and the angry crowd, a maiden is accused and burned at a stake. Without the proper burial, her spirit descends to the gloomy Below.

The pagan Hell is not for the weak of heart

The otherworld is filled with surreal beings beyond our imagination. It is up to you to find your way back to the surface and unravel the mystery of the past. Survival can be about revenge or about hope and a will to live. Do keep in mind though, that even if you manage to get back to the light, you will not be the same.

Discover the hidden folklore

According to the Finno-Ugric mythology, there are various versions of pagan Hell. Some say that the Hell has seven layers. Others know that it resembles the surface - the grass and trees grow there and houses are built and lived in. It is also said that there lay a round lake with inky water in the middle of it.

Unfortunately, not many live to tell the tale.

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